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USEF and FEI Approve Easy’s Slipper® for Competition

Slipper gains approval from highest governing bodies of the equestrian sport

Highlands, NC – Jan. 25, 2017 – Advanced Equine Comfort LLC today announced the USEF and FEI approval of Easy’s Slipper, the ultimate therapeutic glue-on horseshoe for riding, driving and competition.

Arielle Blackstone, founder of The Transition Vaulters of Renaissance Farm, secured USEF and FEI approval for a recent major competition. Blackstone’s vaulting horse Mavi won second place in the International Vaulting Competition, performing with improved confidence from Easy’s Slipper.
“Soundness is critical for a vaulting horse like Mavi [a 13 year old, 17.3 hand, Percheron mare],” said Blackstone. “When we go to competitions, each vaulting round at the show requires six minutes of quality canter. If you have a horse that’s going in eight classes in a given day, that’s a lot of cantering. I know Mavi wouldn’t be sound without Easy’s Slipper. She’d probably be dismissed from competition after the lameness check if she didn’t have them on, especially when competing at the higher levels. The slipper is really helping with the quality of Mavi’s gaits. It’s given us a competitive edge in the show arena, and every horse on our vaulting team wears Easy’s Slippers.”

“What was once only a therapeutic shoe, Easy’s Slipper is now a riding shoe and approved for show use,” said Sue Blair, founder and CEO, Advanced Equine Comfort. “There’s proof in the science. Our slipper provides more shock absorption and vibration dissipation than any product out there, which truly helps these competition horses. We are thrilled to have USEF and FEI designation.”


To learn more about The Transition Vaulters team, read the full story.




About Easy’s Slipper®

Easy’s Slipper, from Advanced Equine Comfort LLC, is the therapeutic glue-on horseshoe that provides shock absorption and vibration dissipation to improve joint and bone health. Easy’s Slipper encourages hoof growth and physical movement to grow healthier hooves and happier horses. The superior shock absorbency decreases stress on the bones, ligaments and joints, allowing natural flexing of the hoof, resulting in enhanced blood flow and increased oxygenation of the horse’s body. The built-in rocker can be easily adjusted by a farrier for the desired breakover for proper movement and soundness.

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About The Transition Vaulters

The Transition Vaulters were founded by Mother and Daughter, Maria and Arielle Blackstone, in 2008 after moving to Tennessee from Rhode Island in 2004. In 1996, Maria founded Rhode Island’s first and only Vaulting team, the In Harmony Vaulters. Arielle started vaulting with the team when she was only 7 years old. After the move to Tennessee and finishing the renovations on the farm and 100 yr. old farm house, they realized there was a lack of vaulting in the area and decided to create their own team again. Soon the team started growing and progressing, so in April of 2012, Arielle bought Mavourneen, a 17.3 hand black Percheron mare from California. Mavi, as she is lovingly called around the barn, had already competed at Nationals in Colorado in 2011. She was just what the team needed. The team competed that June at their first Regional Vaulting Competition in Lexington, VA and in 2013 at a local competition. At the regional competition  they joined forces with Volunteer Vaulting to create a composite team, the TNT Vaulters, and won first place in their barrel team freestyle. Arielle and Allison from Volunteer Vaulting also competed in the first CVI, international competition, on the east coast. The Transition Vaulters are planning an even bigger and better year. The Transition Vaulters love doing demonstrations and educating people about this incredible sport.

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About USEF

United States Equestrian Federation (USEF) serves as the National Governing Body for Equestrian Sport. US Equestrian is dedicated to uniting the equestrian community, honoring achievement, and serving as guardians of equestrian sport. Since its inception in 1917, US Equestrian has been dedicated to pursuing excellence and promoting growth, all while providing and maintaining a safe and level playing field for both its equine and human athletes.

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About FEI

The FEI promotes equestrianism in all its forms and encourages the development of the FEI equestrian disciplines throughout the world. Fair play, equality, complicity with the animal and respect for the environment and the horse are the core values of the FEI.

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A Second Chance for Show Jumper Abby

In 2013, Cedar Lawns Abby, lovingly known as Abby, was diagnosed with chronic subluxation of the cof n bone in her right front hoof and severe ringbone in her left front hoof (see photos A and B). A previous farrier had been using reversed metal horse shoes in an attempt to give her some relief (see photos C1-C3). Dr. Harrison had been injecting the right cof n joint in an attempt to give some stability to the foot and fuse the joint.


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Post Surgery Success With Easy Slipper®

In May of 2014, a dark mass was identified inside Sintar’s hoof. The vet diagnosed it as a keratoma in need of immediate removal. Following the surgery Sintar was on stall rest with limited hand walking only, the recommended protocol for keratoma surgeries. In late October, Sintar was still lame. Further radiographs showed that the entire keratoma had not been removed. A second, more aggressive surgery took place (see photo A).

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Geriatric Mare Finds Comfort With Easy’s Slipper®

Farrier Dave Giza of Genesis Farriers in Culpepper, Virginia began treating the 25 year-old paint mare, Cricket, for laminitis and founder. She had been untreated for three years and because of the severe pain she was in, she had con ned herself to a 10 square foot area. She was practically immobile. Giza had to enroll both owners to literally hold Cricket up because she couldn’t stand on three legs. “There was dried blood encapsulated in the hoof wall,” said Giza. “This had caused bruising on the hoof, which led to abscesses. Cricket was in a lot of pain and barely walking.”


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From Stall to Herd Turnout: Cali Finds Relief With Easy’s Slipper®

Farrier Dave Giza of Genesis Farriers has been treating Cali, a 26 year-old Thoroughbred mare, for four years. Due to metabolic foundering, Cali suffers from acute laminitis in both front feet causing consistent abscesses in both hooves and chronic pain. Over the years, Giza has tried many types of shoes on her, including steel, aluminum and Soft Ride boots, but nothing could alleviate Cali’s pain.



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Butterfly Spreads Her Wings With Easy’s Slipper

For the past two years, Butter y, a beautiful black and white paint Dutch Warmblood cross, has suffered from a bowed front tendon with collateral ligament damage. Butter y was on a tendon/ligament supplement, joint supplement, with bute or Previcox for pain management, as well as cold hosing, standing wraps and various liniments. Since late May of 2015, she had been on stall rest with hand grazing only.